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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homeschool Organization

This year of homeschooling (and this is year number 13) has been my most organized ever--woohoo!  I'd like to show you the nifty little carts I purchased for the girls this year.  They have been WONDERFUL:

All of their school supplies and books that they are using are in their carts.  These are soooo handy.  They just wheel them wherever they are going to study.  They are made by Sterilite, and I bought them on sale at Fred Meyer (with my rewards rebate, so really they were basically free!).  I also purchased simple little planners for each child, and they keep these in one of drawers also.  Sooooo wonderful!  Can you tell organization makes me super duper happy?

My mom gave Annamarie her own laptop recently, which I'm so grateful for.  It's very helpful for school time.  There are very strict parental controls on it, which helps me relax about her having her own computer.

Abby uses Daddy's computer during school.  They each have two or three subjects that require the computer.

Andrew has a desk which is right next to our huge school shelf.  All of his books, etc. are kept here, which works great for him.
This is last year's picture, but it hasn't changed THAT much since then.

Well, that's it!  Anyone have any other great tips for organizing your homeschool day?

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  1. Organization - it so depends on your kids/lifestyle/where they're at on the road. My kids are young and this is my second year but we have a nice system going for us this year.

    I put up shelves in the basement to contain all our supplies (future and for this year, craft stuff, art, etc.).

    Then upstairs the kids each have a 7 drawer Sterlite container (3 big drawers, 4 smaller). I fit all their daily books there, along with things like pencils, scissors, etc. I originally planned to have each drawer for each subject but it's now turned into a storage place for the week. Over the weekend I take down used papers, supplies, etc. that we don't need and refill my bin with items needed for the next week. I fill up their bins (leaving my little crate empty). Then each night before school I quickly whip out what we need for the next day. What's used up goes in the crate and what we still need either stays out for the next day or goes in the bin.

    It works for us this year anyway.