"That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." Titus 2:4-5

Friday, September 23, 2011

Stocking the Pantry

I've been working hard this year at stocking up my pantry. I strongly believe it is my job as the homemaker to be prudent, and to make sure that we are prepared for whatever may come, to the best of  my ability.  I'll do my best, pray that it's blessed, and Jesus takes care of the rest.

We had a mini earthquake yesterday...super quick, but it did get me thinking again.  Am I really prepared?  Have I done everything I can for my family in case a big earthquake does hit here?  It's my job, and they are counting on me.  In the area that I live in, we are most prone to major wind storms that knock out power, snowstorms, and earthquakes.  These are the "disasters" that I keep in mind, as well as the bad economy, as I stock things up.

I want to encourage you to do what you can, and add to your pantry little by little.  I used to have just one or two of each food item in my house, and often times I would run out of something.  This has not happened in a long time.  Now I stock up several of each item.  Then, for example, if I use up a jar of peanut butter, I can just go to my pantry and get another, and write peanut butter on my shopping list to restock the one that I opened.  No more last minute rushes to the store to get something that I ran out of!  I also want to encourage you to NOT stock up on "emergency food" that you normally don't eat.  Buy what you eat, eat what you buy, restock what you eat.  I've had specific goals on each food item, and I've been really working at getting to the quantities that I want.  Once the item is stocked, it's just a matter of replacing one everytime it's used up.  It's really pretty simple!

"What about Matthew 6?" you may ask.  Jesus says not to worry about what we will eat, right?  Right!  Jesus says not to WORRY.  Please don't worry.  Just be prudent.  Prepare yourself to the best of your ability, and trust that God will use what you have stored, however much it may be.  There are plenty of verses in the Bible about being wise and prudent.

I'd like to share a list of the items I have stored, along with pictures of my pantry.  I have a huge walk in pantry.  It's very unfinished and rustic, as we live in a remodel, but it's big.  So I may have more room than you.  Just do what you can!

Here is a list of items I'm working at stocking up on, in no particular order:

Whole wheat flour/white flour/gluten free flours
Brown rice & white rice
White sugar/brown sugar
Pasta sauce
Vegetable oil
Olive oil
baking powder
baking soda
canned fruits and veggies
canned meats
many varieties of dried beans, split peas, lentils
canned beans
canned tomatoes
tomato sauce
peanut butter
pancake syrup
soy sauce
powdered milk
herbs and spices
chicken/beef boullion
regular and gluten free macaroni and cheese
vinegars: distilled (great for cleaning!), red wine, balsamic, apple cider
mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles

My pantry:

My daughter helped me label the buckets!  I'm planning to move the potatoes and carrots into a big storage tote.

Underneath the shelves, behind the oranges, is where I have jugs of water stored.

Proverbs 31:
Who can find a virtuous wife?
For her worth is far above rubies.
11 The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
12 She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life.
13 She seeks wool and flax,
And willingly works with her hands.
14 She is like the merchant ships,
She brings her food from afar.
15 She also rises while it is yet night,
And provides food for her household,
And a portion for her maidservants.
16 She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.
17 She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms.
18 She perceives that her merchandise is good,
And her lamp does not go out by night.
19 She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
And her hand holds the spindle.
20 She extends her hand to the poor,
Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.
21 She is not afraid of snow for her household,
For all her household is clothed with scarlet.
22 She makes tapestry for herself;
Her clothing is fine linen and purple.
23 Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.
24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
And supplies sashes for the merchants.
25 Strength and honor are her clothing;
She shall rejoice in time to come.
26 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness.
27 She watches over the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
28 Her children rise up and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her:
29“ Many daughters have done well,
But you excel them all.”
30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, .
But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.
31 Give her of the fruit of her hands,
And let her own works praise her in the gates

Proverbs 6:
6 Go to the ant, you sluggard!
Consider her ways and be wise,
7 Which, having no captain,
Overseer or ruler,
8 Provides her supplies in the summer,
And gathers her food in the harvest.
9 How long will you slumber, O sluggard?
When will you rise from your sleep?
10 A little sleep, a little slumber,
A little folding of the hands to sleep—
11 So shall your poverty come on you like a prowler,
And your need like an armed man.

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  1. Enjoyed seeding your pantry! A walk in is so nice. We have two closets that we use, they get the job done, just not as convenient. I go to Prov. 31 and Titus 2 often. You are so right we are not to worry but we do need to do what we can and believe that God will take care of us. Enjoyed looking over your blog!

  2. What a great list. Most of them I had on my list, but I see that I have missed some.

    Thank you for shasring.

    You have a great blog...will would like to add you as one of my followers.


  3. Is it bad that I am envious of your pantry? Wow lady! This is inspirational! Thank you so very much for linking up to Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways:) It is my sincere hope that you will continue to make Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways a part of your Wednesdays! Keep the great posts comin':)