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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Tried and True Home Remedies

Good afternoon!  I have been battling a cold this last week, and have been pushing my home remedies big time, as I do not want to be sick on Thanksgiving.  Thankfully, I am almost better, and I attribute much of it to these wonderful natural remedies that I thought I would share with you.  Here is what I have been using:

Fresh squeezed orange juice--I'm not talking about any orange juice here.  Don't go into the store and buy a carton of Minute Maid for this.  Store bought juice has been pastuerized and many of the beneficial enzymes that promote healing have been destroyed in the process.  Even if it says "fresh squeezed", how fresh can it be, really?  It's been sitting in the store.  When juice is squeezed, it immediately begins to loose potency, so for the best possible results it needs to be consumed right away.  Sooo....for some marvelous healing benefits, grab a few oranges and a citrus juicer and make some juice, and drink it immediately.  When I'm sick, I do that at least three times a day.  It's good to have it once a day for health maintenance even when you're not sick. The stuff is amazing...it's a cold remedy straight from God!  Who says there's no cure for the common cold?

Garlic--Did you know that garlic is a natural antibiotic?  If you want to avoid a bacterial infection, ingest a lot of garlic to prevent one.  Studies have shown that garlic destroys bad bacteria.  Now, to reach the levels needed to really attack bacteria, you would have to eat a LOT of garlic, so I recommend taking supplements.  You can get the odorless pills so you don't reek and scare your spouse away!  I generally take 2 garlic pills, 3 times a day, though this time around I've only taken 1 pill 3 times a day so I don't flavor baby's milk.  If you live near a Trader Joes, they have the best price on these.  The other benefit of taking garlic is that it improves immune function, so you fight off that cold faster.  Garlic is another amazing natural remedy from God!  Google it...you'll be amazed at the long list of health benefits!

Probiotics--Entire books have been written on the health benefits of probiotics; in fact, I will recommend a great one: The Probiotics Revolution by Gary Huffnagle.  You may not know this, but much of your health is determined by your intestines!  It's very important to keep the right balance of bacteria in there.  Read the book for more detailed information.  But for the purposes of fighting colds, probiotics enhance the function of your immune system, helping you fight off viruses faster.  I take the probiotic supplement from Trader Joe's, and when I'm sick I take 2 tablets, 3 times a day.

Tea tree oil--One of my favorites...I love this stuff!  Tea tree oil is an antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.  It's benefits are amazing!   It prevents and heals sinus infections and bronchitis, so it is very beneficial to inhale this during sickness.  I run a humidifier with a few drops of the oil in it.  I sometimes even boil some water on the stove, pour it in a mug, add a some tea tree oil and breathe it in until the steam goes away.  This is another one worth googling...there are so many wonderful benefits.

Lemon and honey--This is an old tried and true remedy that most people know about, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.  The lemon and honey have been very helpful for my cough, and lemon contains vitamin C.  I usually squeeze half of a lemon into a mug, fill it with boiling water, then add a tablespoon of honey.  It tastes good too!

And of course, the obvious: Vitamin C supplements--Again, the best value I have found is at Trader Joe's.  I take several of them a day.  We take them daily for prevention purposes, but I usually triple (at least) the dose during sickness.

Well, I think that's it.  I love sharing this info, because I am always so amazed by God's creation and what He has provided to us.  I also know that antibiotics and prescription drugs are WAY overused, and the more natural remedies we can use, the better.  God bless!

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." ~3 John 1:2

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  1. I am writing the product descriptions on herbs for a friend's website right now, and am learning such amazing things when it comes to herbs. I feel ready for battle in a way that you just don't feel if you are forced to always rely on store remedies! Thanks for sharing this! Great blog yet again my friend! ;D